Got myself a pretty new lady. Her name is Ava.
She’s an english setter. She’s now 15 weeks old. I’ve been taking her out for the past 3 weeks. She’s not hunting, she’s just hiking with loud noises when I get stumble lucky. Occasionally she gets a bit tuckered. Grab your lady fellas, cause this one is panty soup boiling over.
“AWWWWWWWWE!!” – What your ex would have said, ya loner.

She’s pretty damn determined when it comes down to playtraining. Sometimes I look in the backyard (dirt farm) and she’s just staring at a suspended chukar wing. I salivate for things to come, then she usually falls over trying to scratch herself. All in good time..

Her and Rosie will have have a great complimentary relationship.*

*Is what I keep telling myself.

It’s nice to have some hope in the future. God knows what the damn kids are up to these days.

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