I was knuckles deep in a chukar when my pup started jumping like a child trying to catch a balloon. I saw the updraft carrying away the nearly living remnants of a quarry hard earned. They hovered near for a long time. Enough time for me to wipe the blood off my hands and pull out my phone. It’s times like these that make me feel lucky that I have free time and that I chose to spend it among the forsaken lands of my ancestors, who rolled by here with out stopping for much more than a rest on their way to California. These floating feathers were a temporary monument to living in a place that doesn’t give anything away. We can all use subtle reminders like these, just not too often.

6 responses to “Levitation

  1. UL,How's your season gone so far? I have only been able to get out 5 times so far. I have seen some descent groups for being so dry but not the big numbers. Hopefully Wednesday I'll get to follow some tracks!

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