Been a few weeks. I wish I could say I hunted a lot but I only got a few days in before the closer on Sunday. It’s always bittersweet. Given how most people are bitching about how poor this year was, I think I came out in pretty good shape – and for that I feel lucky.

I also was lucky to start a young dog that is showing a lot of promise. It’s amazing what a well bred dog will do naturally if you don’t force it. Great nose, great instincts, she stays in front and stays put on point till the shots ring out. She needs some check cord training to stay put after a shot, but other than that I can’t complain.

Hopefully the spring will be kind and we won’t get a freakish dump during the hatch like last year.
I’ll be slowing my posts till the fall, but I’ll try and keep it fresh.

Thanks for reading so far, blogs only a couple months old and has a few thousand hits.

Till the leaves come back and turn again,

8 responses to “Remnants

  1. Larry,I thank you for the great blog as it touches all the chase that little red legged devils, I'm sure! I think the closer one stayed to I-80, the tougher the hunting. I did so much big game hunting this year, I never ventured farther than lower end of the Gerlach for birds this year, with the exception of one trip North. On that trip Ellie and I got into good numbers of birds. Keep us up on your training propects progress. I'm training a new prospect myself. See you in the Fall.Mic

  2. I am hoping for a productive draw in NV ths year. I'm switching to archery mule deer. It's more abou the hunt there. I finally can apply for an antelope tag this season and will put in for cow elk(hamburger hunt). I will also be going to CO again for a shot at my second bull from that state. I've actually got two dogs I'm training and both are big funners. My 11 yr old GWP just doesn't cover the ground anymore. Great looking fish on your newset post. Getting ready to start hitting the river.Mic

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