Getting the Led Out.

Spent most of last summer riding/training/racing mountain bikes and going to an unholy amount of weddings. This summer I’m letting myself go more in the direction of dirt naps and breakfast beers on the water tossing treats at trouts and exploring a few circled areas on the topo.

Water. Not a lot of it out west this year. 
First week of May and the scary thing is last week it looked like June at my folks’ place, this weekend it looked like July. 
Hope we get some rain during the doldrums between seasons – or else more than the birds will be in bad shape. 
Pup is coming along. She’s about nine 9 months and covers so much ground that I bit the bullet and did the unthinkable: I bought a GPS collar. As readers will know I have spoken with ire towards the hunters who sit back and let the dog mark birds two miles away before taking a quad up there. To my personal justification, I don’t want her disappearing in the Nevada desert, (which has happend two times already on mountain bike rides this spring). I’m still going to reign her within eye-sight to work birds and I’m not putting a down payment on a damn UTV to haul my soon to be fat ass up the hill. 
Uncle Larry knows how to scare the kids.
Now I feel better.
I spend a good time of the spring glued to the idiot box watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For my money there’s no other trophy in sports that makes men so desperate and committed, pure sport entertainment. 
Bozeman Chris is Streamer Fisherman Of the Fort Night.
I put in for deer and antelope, doubt I’ll draw this year but one can hope. 
Hope you’re having a good summer and keep the calendar rolling. 

One response to “Getting the Led Out.

  1. Ahh, lovely, Larry. Sorry to hear about too-big-running dogs. My first did that so much I stopped hunting altogether. I hope the GPS does the trick. Water up here is scary low. Scary.

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