What It Isn’t #4

“What It Isn’t” is an ongoing series meant to portray the dark side of upland hunting errr “farm shooting”. I only endorse this type of activity for east coasters, city dwelling children, the disabled, for dog training, or for disabled dogs. But really, no one fit and able should ever do this.

Let’s gather the mod squad to squander the summer! From the great chukar prairie lands of eastern ColoRADo, I bring What It Isn’t #4. If you don’t understand this post refer to previous tagged What It Isn’t’s. This is bird hunting at its lowest. And squeamish entertainment of gapers wielding fire arms at its finest. This is the greatest What It Isn’t video I’ve found thus far.

Some highlights!

1) How about almost shooting your buddy at the 1:50 mark? Great team work there.

2) More excellent teamwork at 2:14 with the camera guy sacrificing himself with the classic “I’ll crouch down if it comes this way!” What a trooper! #DickCheneyed

3) Notice the derricks in the field. Was hoping for a Jed Clampett moment during this video.

4) Super Chukar at 3:44 keeps it real for its wild and free brethren.

5) Bell Bicycle helmets are owed royalties for the GoBro mount at 4:18.

6) The pheasant in its classic North American country schools the other faster, smaller farm birds in gaper avoidance. Maybe the bike helmet slid in his eyes.

7) At 7:07 there should have been a “Pull up your boot straps!” But alas, they live on.


9) 8:15 – When somebody yells “DON’T SHOOT THE DOG!” you know you’re in Kansas errr ColoRADo.

10) 9:08 – JFC*. A water sluice. But at least everyone shot! *JFC = Jesus Fucking Christ.

11) 9:23 – Let it fly into your barrel, my son.

12) 9:54 – Nice Art


14) 10:47 – Why this kind of “hunting” disgusts me.

15) 11:15 – Somebody (Jantinder?) sommons the chukar demon to take flight.

16) 11:47 – GOOD TIMES

Seriously, this shit has to stop. It’s a joke, and a bad one at that. If you’re training a young dog on farm birds in a field I can understand but this context is not amusing.

I give it up to the brave “guides” who place themselves and their beloved dogs in front of sports like these. I really do. Cause I wouldn’t have the stones.

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