Memory Lane

When I was a kid I was spoiled. Spoiled in the sense I had a creek full of trout in my backyard and one TV channel that came in on the antenna when it felt like it.
On Sunday nights I’d run back to the house with or with out a stringer of fish for the family to watch the greatest thing ever put on the grainy radiowave fed screen – Fishing The West with Larry Schoenborn.

Not only did we have the same name, but we both loved to fish. It was meant to be.

I recently remembered this gem of my young sportsman youth and decided to take a trip down a short YouTube wormhole to have my version of Roy Rogers burn once again before my eyes. Complete with 80’s flair, MacGyver style music and out of this world fishing, I give you the show that planted a desire to explore the world with a rod into my young partially sun-fried brain.

Thanks Larry. You’re still the best.

3 responses to “Memory Lane

  1. Funny thing is that like you I hardly missed and episode of Fishing the West going up in Nevada. And wanted to go steelheading desperatly and even dreampt that the truckie even flowed into the ocean and steelhead were everywhere when I was a kid. I asked my dad why there wasn’t more shows about catfishing, crappie, walleye, bass and blue gills since that was what we ran into most in Nevada when not trout fishing. The I move to Washington in the 90s and there were no shows about salmon and Steelhead. Go figure.

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