Summer Time Naps

As a man of large stature and substantial body fur, I really prefer the cooler temperatures. I’m not the biggest fan of snow, but I enjoy winter in the desert where it’s kept to a minimum. Been getting out a bit the past few weeks – fishing, hiking, scouting, napping. Napping has taken up much of my free time and I don’t feel right. Probably just been too lazy without a focus on cycling all the time. But at any rate I blame the weather. I think with global warming in full effect I’m gonna have to move to a more northern clime with lower highs and longer winters. At least I’ll feel energized. The heat sucks my life force more and more as I get less young.

I’ve been kicking around moving to Idaho for some time. Just need some other pieces to fall into place that are out of my hands. Those pieces are slowly falling into place and we’ll see what the future holds.

But as of now I’m still a proud Nevadan. Remember: It’s a wasteland and nothing good happens here so keep driving to California.

Only 6 weeks till my buddies antelope tag. I think I’m more stoked than he is. It’s gonna be a good time and we have some special stuff in the works for the hunt itself, should be pretty entertaining.

September 7 is the grouse and mountain quail opener in California, which I use to get the dogs into motion for the real deal in October. September also has some special hunts planned that I’ll break down once they happen.

Can’t wait for the season. I feel naked walking around without a scattergun, but that’s what makes the real deal so special. I kind of wish fishing still had strict seasons, like creeks in California still do, cause it gives you that special feeling that time is precious and not to be wasted.

Let the countdown continue.

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