Is is too early.. start jonesing for October?


 During this latest 100+ degree heat wave I find myself daydreaming of walking these hills in the frozen mornings, then conjuring up time machine designs, listening to astrophysics podcasts to find loopholes for my design..

I just wanna watch my dog lock up and let some lead fly. Watch her mosey back to me with tail in full thrust with a mouthful of feathers.

Lazy Repost 2

Then have a cold one standing over a hot stove staring at the days tasty bounty.

I’ve got the summer time jonesin’. How about you?

6 responses to “Is is too early..

  1. Preachin' the gospel once again, Larry. We're in the same boat. It's been a hot summer. Reports up here are good. If you ever want to check out these hills lemme know. I have plenty of room.

  2. I'm an hour from McCall. Email or text me if you want to chase some birds in this area (bob at bobmcmichael dot net; 2 zero 8 eight 9 0 9 45 six; sorry – not sure if spambots are watching…)

  3. Uh, no, it's not. But unfortunately it's November for me, at least as far as in-state quail are concerned. Which is why I'm hoping for September Kansas prairie chickens…

  4. Chad, you make me so dang sad. NOVEMBER! And the dust bowl 2.0 approaching? With the noodlers taking your catfish? I'm not a godly man but you tempt me..Haha in all honesty I hope there are winds and wings of change for you. You always have a place to visit out here if need be sir. Grouse starts in 3 weeks!

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