Where have all the Cowboys.. err Abbeys Gone?

I don’t have a spirit animal, but I have a spirit okie and his name is Chad Love. He may not be a catfish noodlin’ walmarter, but JFC he makes good points about silly things and great points about serious things on his Information Super Highway Portal “The Mallard of Discontent

Do your eyes and brains a favor and rep this set.. f’n good stuff.

Where Have All the Abbeys Gone?

Here’s an excerpt that should get the fists clenching. Keep chipping away brother, lest we forget how to use our hammers.

“I have watched, incredulously, as one of my life’s abiding passions, indeed, my life’s anchor – one that once tethered me and kept me from floating out to doom on the same riptide that has taken so many other fatherless latchkey kids – grows increasingly vile, cheap and desensitized to anything resembling respect, reflection, or restraint, instead becoming ever more corrupted, rotted, ugly, commoditized, fetishized, falsified, mythologized, branded, packaged, sold, traded, digitized, distributed and wholly co-opted by those for whom the act of hunting and killing is always something to be made easier, quicker, cooler, more efficient, more spectacular, more entertaining, and above all, more profitable.  Could I point to these people and say (or write) “You, sir, are a peckerwood of the highest order, and what you represent is a disgrace to the sport you profess to love.” No, because to do so would take speaking with a discordant voice, and in that industry, media included, unvarnished opinion – or at least unvarnished opinion of the wrong sort- is an undesirable thing.”

4 responses to “Where have all the Cowboys.. err Abbeys Gone?

  1. Thanks for the warning Uncle Larry. Floating out to doom sounds like a bad, bad, way to go……Unless of course it's to the republic of said doom.

  2. I really wish it were to the great Republic, where all the bikes are fat, the packrafts all handle rapids and there's perfect singletrack.We should make a Big Rock Candy Mountain cover about the Republic.. could be a hit.

  3. What the hell? I must have missed this post. Well, shit, belated thanks for the shout-out, and I guess I really need to start paying more attention to things…

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