Cast and Blast


The weather hasn’t been kind to bird dogs, chukar, or myself. Since the season opened a few weeks ago the temps have reached the 70’s on most days, which lends itself to snakes, dehydration, and skittish birds facing an extended drought. Coupling the warm weather with almost chilly overnight lows has led to some fantastic fall fishing, and splitting up the beautiful weekends between river and dale has been a treat that makes one feel as if they’ve won the lottery.


We went to a honey hole and finally found some healthy bird numbers this weekend, and the rust showed on both the dog and myself, only she rectified her mistake and I blew the chance. At least we know they’re doing well in this area as we saw 30+ birds in a short hunt.
The weather has finally turned to match the season and with that comes full days in the field, happier birds, and hopefully enough of them for the holidays with friends and family. I’m also about to have a lot more free time, and am looking forward to spending more days afield this fall than ever before.

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