An Oddity Redux

This was the inaugural post on this blog. The idea of simpler times and returning to them has been running through my head on a rusty hamster wheel, squeaking away at my consciousness and my place in this world. I don’t have much, but it feels like a lot. I’d like to cut the middle man out eventually and take on the responsibility for almost all of my food. I’d like to live off the grid. I’d like to get away from bureaucracy and red tape, forced smiles and shackled souls. It’s good to dream. And yes I’m aware of the hypocrisy of preaching about returning to simpler times on the internet, written on a Mac, with a wireless connection. So save it.

I need to eat more animals I hunt myself, I need to make a garden, I need to get away from the necessity part of money, and I need to be brave enough to sacrifice the things that make living that way impossible. Here’s to 2014, a full freezer, a full heart, and the beginning of a new decade in my life.

An Oddity –

You’re an epoch of simpler times –

hand shook agreements, passenger pigeons and blotted skies.
Hand me down pumps and limits by lunch.

You’re a dying breed.

Left over from times you’ll never touch or fully understand.
An oddity to the here and now.
As they are to you.

It’s only perception.
Blood on the rocks.

10 responses to “An Oddity Redux

  1. Nicely done and well put! Simplicity and oddity serves you well, keep it coming. This is one the very few flyfishing and bird hunting blogs/websites that I have faith in any more. Its always interesting and never disappointing, thank you sir.

  2. I’m rootin’ for ya, Larry. And trying to make many of the same changes in my own life as well. I have to believe that more freedom and quality of life are waiting at the other end of the tunnel…

  3. Seems that there are a bunch of us out there looking for similar paths out of “here” and back/forward to “there”. Good luck in keeping on yours, as your tracks give those of us following a bearing and course.

  4. Officially, I think I am your only female reader…besides your mum. I hate to bust up the sausage party in your comment section but I wanted to take a second to say thanks for writing with boldness, charisma and humility with regards to hunting, fishing and life, in general. You are always a pleasure to read!

  5. Yeah, we’re all oddities. But we are what we are, and we like it that way. Doomed to extinction? Not likely, not soon anyway. Can’t still the heart and the primal urge. Hunt, gather, and yes grow a garden. Let’s continue to read, write and enjoy our time outdoors. Cheers!

    Great title by the way. Reminds me of an episode of the “Big Bang Theory”

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