I just got home from once again chasing and not shooting himalayan snowcock. We did a little exploratory mission into some new (to us) and seemingly passed over territory in the Ruby Mountains, and I’m gonna feel the last three days for the next week. The dog was so tired I had to lift her out of the truck when we got to the house. I’ll have a full skunker report later, although we did get some stump dumb ruffed grouse.

In the mean time, check out this NDOW film about the history of bringing them to Nevada from Pakistan. I hope you brought your smoking jacket and loafers, because this will take you back in time. Trust me, despite the quality it’s worth the view.

Watch here:


5 responses to “Ram-Chukar!

    • There is one possibility, been looking at it for awhile but it’s hard to nail down ie water levels, timing, access. As soon as that water hits the valley it’s split 1000 ways for farming.

  1. Glad someone else out there is getting skunked (albeit on an entirely different level of prey)…..blue grouse, sage grouse, elk, anything I hunt for lol. I always get skunked….well I take that back, I did hit a bird with my truck yesterday on a failed sage grouse hunt. Snowcock is like the holy grail of bird hunting…its the perfect game…the undefeated season. I salute you for taking on the challenge, and thank you for making the extra effort to share it.

    • I’m hoping to make one more trip before the snow flies, but we’ll see. Even for a young guy like myself (a fringe sport injury plagued 30 year old) it’s still an ass kicker. The only easy thing is getting in the truck to drive out and drive home. Going out for sage grouse this weekend for the closing day, hope to bag a couple before they’re listed.

      You’ll get into them. Your season sounds like my season last year.. rough. Had me questioning my sanity. Hope this one goes better for both of us once it gets swinging.

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