Chukar at last, Cutty Love, and the Snowcock Story.














Here’s a quick hodgepodge:




The dog enjoyed her favorite day of the year today. It also happens to my favorite as well. Lots of young birds, something that hasn’t happened in a few years.



My buddy enjoyed his 30th birthday yesterday with this 30″ cutthroat from Pyramid Lake. This was his first fish at the lake, and what a way to break her in. A real backing burner.. Happy birthday Zack.


For those who crave getting skunked, my himalayan snowcock story is live over at Filson –  here’s the link.


Hope you’re getting after it this weekend!

Uncle Larry



3 responses to “Chukar at last, Cutty Love, and the Snowcock Story.

  1. After reading your header, I thought perhaps you were going to offer up a defense of Cutty Sark, and then I would have been forced to puke.

    One of these days, I, too, want to stand on a ladder in Pyramid Lake…

  2. Great story and photos on the pursuit for Himalayan Snowcock. Sooo jealoous, if I had the chance or opportunity I would definately chase after those birds up into the mountains and clouds.

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