Sorry for the extended absence. I’ve been stretching tents and hauling gravel, wrestling boat motors and swatting mosquitos that could and would drain a house cat. I’m here getting blank stares from the natives, cruising jet boats through skinny water, jerking mice over snags and watching rainbow trout act like piranas to get it.

I’m barely sleeping in the midnight sun. It’s ok, I don’t need to. Who needs to sleep when you have a jet boat, unlimited gas, a river shaping up, salmon coming in a week, and no clients for two more weeks?

Yes, for shame. I’m boasting. I’ll try and keep you abreast of my Alaskan summer.

I’m building the stories right now, or rather they’re building themselves.

Keep the lower main nailed down and the chukar fed, I’ll be back right on time for grouse and snowcock.

Now, please refrain from name calling in the comments. I’ll be back to working stiff status as soon as you finish cursing me.

Dog speed and don’t burn up or get flooded out or whatever is happening in the real world.


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