2016. JFC.

I’ll keep it short. And no, I’m not pro-Hillary.

Today is a dark day for us public land sportsmen. Despite what leanings you have, we are in it together. The avalanche is about to begin, and sportsmen are right in the middle of the chute.

I’m not talking about your guns (which Obama still has yet to take away ya idiots).

I’m talking about public lands. I’m talking about the wildlife and wildland protections that sportsmen have helped create and foster for the last 80 years. I’m talking about a cabinet and an interior department that will be headed by oil tycoons, billionaires, and maybe even Sarah fucking Palin. I’m talking about a republican controlled house and senate.

Do you remember what happened to environmental protections the last time we had a republican trifecta circa 2000-2006? The Dick Cheney days? You know, with the exemptions for fracking to not follow the Clean Water Act? The EPA loopholes built into the whole process? Not to mention the two wars that are still going on? Now let’s relive it but put this deranged Manhattanite in place of the Bush Child, with the added pressure to free public lands to the states or better yet just sell them off wholesale, and all of his friends are oil and gas execs, tea party loons, billionaires, and the Hamburgler from New Jersey.

Ask yourself, does the scene above paint a pretty picture for the American outdoor enthusiast?

I know a few of you voted for that demagogue. I still love you and will be your friend. I know you wanted a large shake up the system, some palpable change in the way things work. I know the feeling. I’ve craved it many times and agree that there needs to be a shake up.

But not like this. This psychotic orange faced egomaniac is going to give the short end to you and I. You think he gives a shit about anything but making money and inflating his ego? I dare you to name one empathetic thing the man has ever done for the common man.

I know his sons are hunters, and might have his ear on some things from that perspective, but I am not counting on it.

I hope I’m wrong and he does a great job. I really do. But when you have the talent to contradict yourself in the same sentence multiple times I don’t hold a lot of faith in your frontal lobes ability.

Stay vigilant, this is just a speculative fiction.. for now.

Off to the bar.



9 responses to “2016. JFC.

  1. I hear what you’re saying, but I’ll take the risk instead of the other horse shit option. At least his sons like public land, I doubt any Clinton has ever set foot on public land to hunt, unless Bill spotted a defense less woman out on blm. Being a one issue voter is risky.

  2. I am a one issue voter, when that one issue represents everything I love to do (okay all but one). My access to public land. If he appoints Palin, or Bishop, or Peavy as Sec of Interior, I’m going to lose my shit.

  3. Larry, well said. I particularly appreicate, “I dare you to name one empathetic thing the man has ever done for the common man.” I am trying to remain optimistic, but with two daughters I fear for their future with what Trump and the right can do in the next 4 years. My second favorite line (behind the gun comment) is, “Off to the bar” Wish I was there to join you! Cheers.

  4. Also I distinctly remember Donald Jr. stating (I believe on the gritty bowmen podcast…possibly another) that he would love to be head of the Dept. of Interior. And that it would be his mission to keep public lands public. But I guess we could all assume the sky is falling, and run to safe spaces.

  5. So well said. While it will be a battle, what is interesting to me is working with two county collaborative groups in western Wyoming, they were asked what they would like to see public lands be in 20 years. with over 30 people in the room, nearly to a person they said “public lands still being public”. This includes some county commissioners. While certainly not all the public feels that way (or electeds) it does give me hope – even if nothing else in the new Prez does. Here’s too ya, Uncle Larry!

  6. 8 years of Obama and (gasp!) he didn’t take away our guns.
    The sad irony is that it’ll be the Republican party who takes my guns away. I own guns for the sole purpose of hunting. I live out west and I’ve never hunted private land. Not once. Nor do I hunt preserves. I hunt wild birds on public land. Take away our federal land (the platform drafted and accepted by the RNC spells this out in NO uncertain terms) and you take away my guns. Period.
    So, Weldon, just keep obsessing over the stain found on Bills trousers and in the meantime the Republican trifecta will bleed us of every last drop.

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