“We came for the truth and a drink, and there ain’t nothin but sober lawyers here.”

Hello there. I hail from one of the last corners of the ever shrinking and ever tamer wild west. I like open spaces, lonely country, and pure wilderness.


1) I like to take part in the outdoors. Especially chukar and steelhead. Those two are my Laverne and Shirley, my Balky and Larry, my Tim and Eric. I hunt other stuff too. I also love bicycles, hockey, and a good bourbon.

2) Raised redneck, matured in punk rock, simmered in travel = Ready to go hunting in Pataguchi while chewing Cope.

3) At times I may be highly critical of certain parts of the outdoor scene – and just about anything else that wafts of excrement and is adored by the masses.

4) I believe in enjoying the outdoors with the minimum tools for the job plus a camera, occasionally a moving pictures camera.


1) I don’t do standard product reviews, but if there is something that I truly love, I’ll let you know.

2) I don’t do serious blood lust writing.

3) I don’t care about your camo and toys. Get off the RAZR and walk, face painted camo fatty.

4) I don’t roll on shabbos.

Thanks for reading


19 responses to “Aboot

  1. So what you’re telling me is that you’re a fly-fishing, birdhunting, RAZR hating, hockey loving dude who eschews camo and bullshit.

    To bad you live in Nevada, or I’d be buying you beers as we speak.

  2. We couldn’t have that cheap of booze in Canuckistan. Economic activity would come to a standstill.

    That’s Bill “Spaceman” Lee in the pic. I have neither the beard nor the change-up that he did.

  3. Your shit is awesome keep it up. I chase devl birds in SW ID and occasionally in OR. I’d buy you some beers or some whiskey if you make it up this way.

  4. “face painted camo fatty”…brilliant! I’ve been following your stuff since the old blog, I dig it.

  5. Uncle Larry

    I would like to use the RMPC piece as a Friday front page, on sexyloops. I think it high lights the entitled presents of the rich, and their movement to turn every free space into a privat preserve. I don’t get paid in any way for what I write on sexyloops, well a couple of stickers and a hat. I always give full credit to the author of any piece I put up. Either way damn fine piece of writing.

    Ray Fairweather

  6. Thanks, It should be in this Friday, I am going fly fishing with Tiana my girlfriend, who is a great fly fisher and caster, on the Missouri river , Craig and Wolf Creek Montana area, I already got my Cow Elk, so can enjoy the fall fishing until whitetail season.

  7. Larry

    Thanks again, the front page is up sexyloops.com. thanks again, I added my usual lame roll yur eyes joke at the end. the New I am Canadian Rant!! I am sure you can appreciate.. Enjoy your season, no matter what season it is for you.. Off to visit the Mo in Montana in a few hours..

  8. Howdy– your blog and a handful of others (mostly in your blogroll!) inspired me to start my own blog account of me trying to train a new vizsla/bundle of chi: http://rookiebird.wordpress.com/ If you’ve got advice on how to make it more engaging/easier to read, I’m all ears, cause you’ve done a good job here. BTW good on Filson story, well done!

      • Gracias! Btw I used to live in MT, so I too sometimes squint my eyes and see the Bridgers in the Sierras. If u ever want some company on a hunt and wont mind a rookie dog coming along, let me know. Cheers

  9. Great blog! You’re a man after my own heart; chukar, elk, and fish. I added you to my blogroll. I’d appreciate any feedback you might have on mine: hulionblog.wordpress.com
    Thanks, man!

  10. Great writing Larry. I am just digging in 2012 and working my current. Chukar and steelhead are my favorites too. Grew up in Nevada. Played in punk rock bands. And now chase chukar’s around eastern WA. I want to return home for a chukar Hunt someday, your writing is getting me by until then.

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