Good Folks

King Sage Gun Dogs – Great pups, great owners. Call Roc if you need a setter or a vizsla.

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers – On the right side.

Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership – Not only was Teddy the best man to ever become president, his legacy is bringing all of us divisive knuckle heads together for the love of our land.

Uplanders Warehouse – Good gear, good folks, not a box store.

Trout Unlimited

Filson – American made gear that lasts longer than you will.

Danner – Boots made in the USA

Operation Game Thief – Seen some a-hole dipping in the pot illegally? Turn him in!

Reno Bike Project – They keep me rolling with riding dirty.

Moment Skis – Handmade in Reno, NV. Best things you can strap on your feet.

USA Hockey – Because I’m Obsessed With The Game.

3 responses to “Good Folks

  1. Hmm. Filson. Catalog before last they featured some gas-powered nimrods tearing up terra firma. My wife wrote them to complain they were abandoning their values of god-powered quads over gaseous ones. Their response: “It was on private land.” Boo.

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